Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tiger talk -- or NOT

Tiger Woods plans to spill tomorrow to the press during the first major golf tournament of the year, The Accenture in Arizona.

He'll look sufficiently contrite -- or NOT. He'll sputter the necessary cliches about fidelity -- or NOT. He'll intone about how he's let a lot of people down -- or NOT. He'll get teary-eyed -- or NOT.

You know what I wish he'd do?


Just play golf and ignore the press. He doesn't owe them or his audience one goddamned thing. Yeah, he's a schmuck, but the only ones he owes an apology to are the people and companies he made commitments to: his wife and the corporate sponsors who's contracts he violated.

For once -- oh please, just once!! -- it would be great to see a schmuck celebrity who's getting his shit together simply walk past the cameras, microphones and bigger schmucks behind them ...

... and then go do what he has to do. In this instance, it's playing golf ...

... with a smile on his face because he knows he's getting his life, his morality, his values, his honor back together -- which I hope is the case for Tiger, as I wish it to be the case for all humans seeking righteousness, purpose and self-esteem.

Play ball ...

... and starve the vultures.

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