Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Jocks" in high school become cops

During their 6 years in high school, the jocks spent all their time with "cool" people and went out of their way to get others out of their way so they wouldn't have to rub shoulders with the grungy, the poor, the potheads, the huddled masses -- the UNcool.

And then the jocks become cops, and who do they spend all of their time talking to and arresting?

The grungy, the poor, the potheads and the huddled masses.

Tell me there ain't cosmic justice!!

The TV program "Cops" is low-brow. I love it. I used to catch it from time to time. And even though my brain kept telling my finger to hit the "channel" button on the remote control, the finger would go low-brow and not budge.

You'd see these huge former-linebackers towering over some poor wretch with glazed eyes in a beat-up car. The cop's got a stony look on his face and you almost expect him to shout, "I'm going to squash you like the puny, little, pothead, loser ant that your are and always will be!"

And the poor wretch in the car is, like, "Uhuh, NOW the bastard has to talk to me! Let's see how long I can get him to wait while I try to find my registration."

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