Friday, February 12, 2010

Gore crying "uncle" in his "igloo"?

Albert Gore is finally getting the respect he's due -- that is, zero. And some recent rounds of disrespect are coming, from all places, the halls of Congress. Gore's pathetic gerrymandering of facts on alleged global warming is finally eliciting chuckles and cackles from Congressmen. Check out the following hilarities:

Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma said THIS two days ago after the record blizzards that struck D.C.

And Sen. Jim DeMint of S.C. tweeting THIS little side-grabber.

The only thing unfortunate about Albert Gore is that history will forget him, as it does most charlatans, such as ObaMa, Jimmy Carter, the Bushes, etc. For Gore to get his full justice, he should be entombed with a glass facade (a la Lenin), so that the children of the future may spit and giggle at him.

Alas, just the thought of Albert Gore ducking inside an igloo in the Capital with a frightened peek outside at all the rational people does make my day!

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