Sunday, February 14, 2010

She'll only love me for two more months

When I pull up my main Facebook page, I usually get an ad to the right saying that "This woman is looking for a 49-year-old."

"Hey, I'm 49! Over here! See me! Yeah, baby!!"

Wow! I mean, who could know that being 49 would attract youngish, big-busted, beautiful, smiling women? Hell, if I'd known 49 was such a magic age, I might've been 49 about 10 years ago!! Heck, I might be 49 for another 10 years at this rate!

But, alas, I won't be 49 much longer -- April 6, to be exact -- and some other lucky wretch will be getting this bodacious beauty wanting HIM.

Or, maybe she'll want 50-year-olds in a couple of months and 51-year-olds in 14 months. The ads make me chuckle. After talking with many guys through the years, I know that some of them fall for this advertising gimmick. They're the guys who go to tittie bars and think the naked woman smiling at them near the silver pole actually DOES think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. He usually leaves the tittie bar with a smile and an empty wallet.

Guess I'll let him have the girl in the ad, too. And if he doesn't like that one, he'll get a new one in a couple of months.

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