Thursday, February 11, 2010

The ObaMa Marx-a-lot

Whenever listening to or watching ObaMa during his campaign to take over America and his attempt now to do so, one gets a sense of not just Obamageddon for America, but also of some monstrous poser, some virulently anti-American Mao-ist or pure Marxist.

Well, that "sense," as it turns out, is right on the money. Check out this fascinating article on Newsmax by a college colleague of ObaMa's who used to go to Marxist meetings with the poser but who is now a conservative since coming mostly to his senses.

Who is this Manchurian Candidate? Who is this guy who infiltrated America and performed a bloodless coup? What does it say of Americans that they not only allowed him to do so, but actually asked him to do so?

Many Americans are coming to their senses as they come to know the Manchurian, the Marxist, the monstrosity. For them to not lose their senses again, they must gain the knowledge of Objectivism, of Ayn Rand's ideas -- or the Manchurian will return in different guise -- and maybe next time, Americans won't come to their senses quickly enough.

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