Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Chappaquiddick killer is finally dead

Teddy Kennedy died last week and the encomiums have been flowing in from both of the political parties' leaders and commentators worldwide. He has been referred to ad nauseum as "The Liberal Lion" or the "the voice of the underprivileged" or the "greatest legislator the Senate has ever known."

I've got a better moniker: "The Chappaquiddick Killer." Or, if you like a more general term to sum up a life of congressional theft, how about "The Killer of Individualism and Free Enterprise."

For those whose history is a bit foggy on Chappaquiddick, here's a brief rundown on the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne by Teddy Kennedy off Chappaquiddick Island on July 19, 1969:

Kennedy attended a party of notable women. Kennedy, who told his chauffeur to stay at the party, said he secretly asked Mary Jo around midnight if she needed a ride back to her hotel, though Mary Jo left her purse and hotel key at the party, suggesting they were not indeed going back to the hotel. Kennedy pulled off the main road down a dirt road before he got to the bridge and he stopped the car. A police officer noticed the car and thought the driver must be lost. As the policeman drove up to the car, the car suddenly took off.

Moments later, Kennedy again left the main road for a dirt road and drove the car off of Dike Bridge on Chappaquiddick. The car landed upside down in the water. Kennedy got out. Mary Jo did not. Kennedy said he jumped back in the water several times to save Mary Jo, but couldn't find her. The diver who found Mary Jo in the car the next morning said he found her near a big air pocket in the car and that he could've saved her had someone notified authorities within 10 minutes of the crash. Mary Jo was later deemed to have died of suffocation, NOT drowning, suggesting that she was indeed in the air pocket for some time. One authority estimated she survived for as much as 2 hours in the bubble before suffocating.

Kennedy walked back to the party, passing four houses from which he could've called authorities, including one house with a porch light on just 150 yards from the murder scene. Kennedy told two friends, and they all went to the scene and allegedly went down to find Mary Jo but allegedly couldn't. Kennedy told the two men to not tell anyone. Kennedy said he then swam across the channel back to his hotel and went to sleep exhausted but woke up a couple of times to call his hotel's front desk about too much noise in the hotel. At 7:30 the following morning, Kennedy was found "casually" talking with the winner of the previous day's sailing race.

As Kennedy was making a call from a phone booth across the channel from the crash, he noticed that the murder scene had been discovered, and he then went to the local police station to report the crash. Kennedy received a slap-on-the-wrist judgment of leaving the scene of an accident and got no jail time. One laughable reason for this was the judge's statement that Kennedy "will continue to be punished far beyond anything this court can impose."

Somehow, no autopsy on Mary Jo's body was ever done, and an exhumation of her body in following months was rejected, despite evidence showing that foul play may have been involved, including blood stains on Mary Jo's skirt and in her nose and mouth that "may or may not be consistent with death by drowning." Despite an inquest that found Kennedy negligent and "intentional" in his action to go down a dirt road, the inquest's conclusions were kept secret for four months and even held from viewing by a grand jury, and a district attorney did not give the full estimate of the inquest to the grand jury and said there was not enough evidence for charges of manslaughter, perjury or driving to endanger. No indictments were issued. Kennedy subsequently asked his constituents to pray for him. Indeed.

If you are shaking your head and nauseous as this travesty of justice and are filled with conspiracy theories on who was in the pocket of the Kennedys on July 19, 1969, then you are obviously not a liberal -- and certainly not a politician, for whom these kinds of privileges and secret dealings are eternal truisms.

But as horrible as the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne was, we must wonder at the economic holocaust perpetrated by Kennedy and his cabal for 47 years in Congress. His strident and unwavering insistence on statist programs that have stolen trillions of dollars from hard-working Americans and handed it over to the unworthy. How many hard-working Americans (including small-business people) have taken their own lives in destitution because of the hardships Kennedy has placed upon them? How many people have paid confiscatory taxes instead of paying for better health care, resulting in terminal illness? How many Americans have resorted to the bottle after seeing that they just can't get by anymore on their meager paychecks?

Edward Kennedy was an abomination, a philanderer, a murderer, a drunk, a scoundrel, a giddy larcenist, a hater of the good, the Horatio Alger stories of America. He was human wreckage with power and a bludgeon to beat up on American individual rights and free enterprise. He was everything bad in a citizen and statesman. Like other menacing despots, he had charm.

We, unfortunately, live in a time in which personality and charm are lionized, and the hyena that lies within gets a Get Out of Jail Free card. Teddy Kennedy's body should be hung from Dikes Bridge until it rots -- the vultures will surely have none of his alcohol-sodden flesh -- as a reminder of America's once great moral spirit and sense of proper judgment.

And then, maybe poor Mary Jo may rest in peace.

A joke

"Medical Breakthrough"

A French doctor says, "Medicine in my country is so advanced that we take a kidney out of one man, put it in another and have him looking for work in six weeks."

A German doctor says, "That is nothing; we can take a lung out of a person, put it in another and have him looking for work in four weeks."

A Russian doctor says, "In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half a heart out of a person, put it in another and have them both looking for work in two weeks."

An American doctor, not to be outdone, says, "You guys are way behind. We recently took a man with no brains out of Illinois, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jefferson may not have fucked his slave

"In Defense of Thomas Jefferson," a new book, states that nobody can be sure that TJ screwed the slave Sally Hemings, as revisionists have brazenly claimed for 30 years. The author of "In Defense," William Hyland, is a lawyer and historian who studied the facts and the claims surrounding the issue and has determined that nobody can know for sure -- and that TJ most likely did NOT have sexual relations with that woman (hope I gave you an ick moment there in memory of William "Blue Dress" Clinton's famous denial).

Hyland points out that the DNA evidence that has allegedly pointed to TJ doesn't take into account that Jefferson had two-dozen-plus male relatives, including his younger brother, Randolph, who had already fathered slave children and who had been invited to Monticello nine months before Hemings' child was born. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! (that was a "Mr. Incredible" moment).

It doesn't, after all, really matter whether TJ had consensual sex with anyone, including a slave, but the revisionists are not after simple truths. They seek to allegedly undermine the man's ideas by sullying his character. None of us is happy that this lofty man didn't execute the final measure of justice toward blacks and free his slaves, but his ideas eventually achieved what he could not perform himself.

TJ never responded to his accusers in 1802 or afterward, but he wrote years later of the accusations, saying, "The man who fears no truths has nothing to fear from lies. I should have fancied myself guilty had I condescended to put pen to paper in refutation."

Boy, do I miss such language and honor in modern politicians. Love ya, TJ.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I flag myself

Considering my denunciations of Obama Dead Eyes and his Fascist Health Care plans, I've come to the conclusion that I must flag myself. That is, I must email the White House about my un-American activities, per the demand by the Dead Eyes Administration to turn people in who misrepresent FHC. This was done by Pajamas TV recently, and Michelle Maulkin and Anne Coulter joined in the fun.

Alas, I realize I can't flag myself because Dead Eyes put the kibosh on the emailing when he was revealed for his true fascist self, so I guess I'll have to do something else with myself. Excuse me for a while. ...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Take your tea party to the midterm elections

I wrote the following column in the hopes that the Wall Street Journal will print it.

I’m going to make a prediction about the mid-term elections – in a minute. But first, a quick remembrance of things past.

In his opaque presidential campaign last year, Barack Obama ingeniously implanted in the American psyche a figure of probity, circumspection and stature. The contrast between him and his presidential counterpart, John McCain, was stark. Mr. McCain was strident, explosive, bumbling, erratic, rigid, diminutive, scary, confusing.

More important (perhaps) was the inability of many Americans, including Independents, to distinguish any great difference in economic policy between the two men once the itinerant Mr. McCain scrambled up to Capitol Hill and proclaimed the necessity for larceny of American taxpayers to bail out unscrupulous capitalists. Any true difference between Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama became moot at that point. And the fog-interred Mr. McCain seemed intellectually incapable of pinning down his wily opponent in debate, revealing a great weakness of command were he to become president.

A neighbor of mine who leaned toward Mr. McCain early in the race voted for Mr. Obama at the polls. His reason was that he couldn’t tell what the heck McCain stood for and that Mr. Obama “seemed” to have his head about him. (Seeing the creeping socialism of the Obama Administration, that neighbor now “mostly” regrets his decision – though he can’t be sure.)
Mr. Obama’s illusion of efficacy and rectitude fooled many millions 10 months ago (including a large segment of private business owners), but the magic trick is out of the hat. His opacity was a front for leftist dogma and a sincere hatred of American free enterprise and personal liberty. His aura of invincibility is Third World, as are his political agendas, which call for the immense aggrandizement of government, collusion with trade unions and impugning of America herself.

The opacity is gone – as it inevitably must be when the secretively power-hungry gain power and invincibility. In the biggest spotlight on Earth (the Oval Office), the hyena can no longer wear the sheep’s clothing. He wants you to pay for others’ health care. He demands that you buy health insurance and will punish you, an American, if you don’t. He takes billions of your dollars and gives them to whomever he pleases – and then uses the loot to tell businesses what products to make, how to make them and how much to pay employees. He insists that you are not paying enough to him, his cronies and his constituents. He walks and waves like a caring man, but he talks and acts like a despot.

And so, small-business owners, Independents, conservative Democrats, liberal Republicans and even the I-don’t-give-a-damns now see the hyena behind the opacity, churlishly acting as no U.S. president has done since L.B.J. or perhaps F.D.R. But he’s cannier. He understands that popularity is sometimes fleeting and morale sometimes fickle. He understands, like Hitler, that blitzkrieg overwhelms citizenry and rebellion. He insists on the now, realizing that the now creates inertia that inundates the future. “Give me government health care now – before you go home for recess and before citizens attempt to discuss it and build a Maginot Line that I must circumnavigate!”

It is a discussion for the future on what motivates a man to grotesquely and blithely violate civil liberties with seemingly no public compunction about his misdeeds – indeed, with a superciliousness that borders on megalomania. This man is far scarier than the haplessly benign Mr. McCain.

What is a discussion is what will those small-business owners, those Independents, those conservative Democrats, those liberal Republicans and those I-don’t-give-a-damns think now – now that they clearly see that they have been had, that they are the true victims of this menacing man, that they fell for his empty smile and deep voice and clich├ęd promises of “hope”? (Talk about people scorned!)

There is genuine anger in a large segment of the American populace that we are witnessing in Tea Parties and Town Hall meetings. Blogs have become hotlines. Neighborhood barbecues have become roasts. Family squabbles have become, well, intense.

But we’re stuck with this rascal for three-plus years, so what do we do? What will Americans do – in the midterm elections?
They will take back the U.S. House and Senate for Republicans. They will deny Mr. Obama his carte blanche on socialism (let’s not give what he does the euphemism of “big government”). All of those alleged automatons that the MSNBC cabal say are mobbing town halls and radio talk shows will get to right a huge wrong committed the first Tuesday of last November. They’ll put a leash on the hyena.

And while they’re at it, let’s hope they remember what this Land of the Free is really about and insist upon further liberties and individual rights – perhaps even greatly scaling back the welfare state and intrusive regulations.

Can we expect as much from desultory Republicans? No. If we are to consider their poor history of fiscal management once in power, it is my hope that the Tea Parties and Town Hall meetings are a precursor of something greater: a move toward intellectual independence, toward politics away from the two corrupt parties, toward a better understanding of liberty that our Founding Fathers envisioned. We need to not just vote out the Democrats in the coming midterms (and Mr. Obama himself 2 years later) and vote in the Republicans; we need to develop a third party based upon Tea Party principles: laissez-faire government, individual rights, unfettered capitalism, non-progressive taxation, abolishment of the welfare state and disarmament or destruction of rogue nations.

Chiding our appeasement-minded European brethren, Thomas Jefferson wiped out the pirates off the shores of Tripoli 200 years ago. In honor of his courageous act and his vaunted ideals, we need to send the pirates on Capitol Hill and in the White House packing in November 2010 and 2012. We liberty-lovers need to take back America.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stop talking about whether it will "work"

Besides the whole god thing, the topic that makes the right wing so vacuous in America is its discussions about whether some political idea will "work." Here are some quotes:

"Health care reform will not lower costs."

"Cap and trade will raise costs and hurt business."

"Putting more money into public education isn't making grades any higher."

"The Post Office should be allowed to compete with private enterprise to get more efficient."

"Medicare and Medicaid are necessary, but the corruption and theft need to be curtailed."

"Embargoes against dictatorships work in the long-term."

All of the above comments are utilitarian, allegedly predicated on whether something will work -- without stating an objective moral premise and STARTING with a moral premise and then moving forward. The moral premise of all of the above is that Americans don't have a right to their lives and property and non-coercion, so we should talk about to what DEGREE they don't have a right to those things.

Even the terrific Wall Street Journal regularly makes this anti-philosophical mistake, getting bogged down in endless diatribes with liberals, with whom they share a moral premise: individuals don't have rights. They both wield swords, one dull and one sharp.

The only way to win this current battle against Obama/Lefty socialism/fascism is to regularly discuss what "rights" are, where they come from, and how NOBODY has a right to violate them ANYTIME or ANYWHERE.

Only then will we connect with Americans and help guide them down the path of liberty.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Fourth Estate has become extinct

The modern press has colluded with Obama Dead Eyes and other liberals now for 120 years, but it's gotten worse with the new arrival to the Ovum Office. I wrote the following letter to the editor to the WSJ on this subject.

Karl Rove’s expose on the malfeasance by The New York Times and The Washington Post must be added to these and other American newspapers’ conspiratorial lynching of liberty with lawmakers over the last 120 years to get a full understanding of how the Fourth Estate has essentially vanished as an icon of America.

To be the Fourth Estate, modern journalism would have to differentiate itself from the three governmental estates, but it has, instead, colluded with The Big Three to greater degrees through these last 12 decades or used its power to eviscerate the few good leaders who’ve espoused liberty, such as Ronald Reagan. Instead of the raison d’etre of journalism being to protect liberty and strictly confine government -- as it should be – it has now become the Leviathan’s sibling who crushes individualism with its red pen.

On the same day that Mr. Rove’s expose was printed, the Journal ran a terrific quote from Milton and Rose Friedman that would be a wonderful paradigm for a free press: “the promotion of human freedom … opposition to rent control and general wage and price controls … support for educational choice … an all-volunteer army, limitation of government spending, legalization of drugs, privatizing of Social Security, free trade, and the deregulation of industry.” In other words, individualism and capitalism and liberty.

Instead, the American press prides itself on modern sophistication while implicitly espousing the execrable European “progressivism” of the 19th century that the grand curmudgeon Herbert Spencer eloquently berated while itemizing its innumerable Acts of coercion against individuals and business. Mr. Spencer, however, mistakenly thought his contemporaries had good intentions. It took the author/philosopher Ayn Rand to accurately call such government coercers thugs bent on their own altruistic aggrandizement – power.

Ms. Rand also noted that the hallmark of a free country was a free press. But, perhaps even that prescient woman could not have foreseen such media collusion as we have today – the overt crowning of a vague and shadowy Leftist figure on the campaign trail, the lauding of explicitly socialistic legislation, the animus toward the only moral economic system (capitalism), the open harassment of wealth, the fostering of class and race, the propagation of semi-fascist environmentalism and much more.

Mr. Rove is feeling the brunt of an ignorant and corrupt press that has one of its own in the Oval Office. I’m overjoyed to hear his rational and defiant voice rise above the liberal cacophony.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hippies don't want to be left alone. They want to be Left

I just wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal expanding on an excellent column by one of their best writers on Dead Eyes' cabal of Lefties issuing edicts on what kind of "fishy" things we Americans are doing to undermine hippie health care. They hippies say they want to be left alone, but they just want to be Left. And they can't help not leaving the rest of us alone. Here's the letter:

Dorothy Rabinowitz’s column on Obama’s Tone-Deaf Health Campaign squarely hits the mark with analogies to George Orwell, the Stasi and the crusades.

The irony of Linda Douglass’s “fishy” edict is that it rings of properly maligned edicts by President Nixon and the CIA’s J. Edgar Hoover concerning the hippie movement of the 1960s and ‘70s. So now we have the hippie left doing government recon on the right. At least Nixon and Hoover had the “honest” guilt of knowing that what they were doing was wrong, so they kept it secret.

But not modern-day liberals. They have the temerity and unctuous zeal of true believers. (Crusade indeed.) The Obama elitists make erstwhile elitists appear as abiding centrists. These fanatical altruists harbor no good will toward liberty, self-determination, personal responsibility, hard-earned wealth and true rights. Their sympathies lie not with merit but with the “meek.”

Where free people see achievement, the leftists see “haves” and “the privileged.” Where free people see indolence and recklessness, the nouveau hippies see “have-nots” and “the underprivileged” and “the impoverished.” The Left secretly maligns Jesus and outwardly emulates him – and that includes rendering unto Caesar Obama.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Blistering a congressman

The Wall Street Journal ran another of my letters today, which was a broadside against Congressman Charlie Rangel's tirade in his July 31 letter, blasting the WSJ for doing its job too well and making a veiled threat to the WSJ. Letter below. Rangel, like Barney Frank, is the kind of man who would deliciously deliver a Hitler's commands, if given the opportunity. His letter is a peek into the man, just as Dead Eyes' rant against "stupid" policemen was in the Gates affair.

Well, the Journal certainly rankled Charlie Rangel—and provided him yet again with a petard with which to hoist himself. Mr. Rangel’s tantrum letter belongs in a college debate textbook on how to discern between rhetorical ad hominem and fact-based argument. Mr. Rangel chides and rants, and avoids all the salient facts that the Journal brought against him days before.

And what reader does not feel the bone-chilling threat in his last paragraph, when he pronounces despotically “The Wall Street Journal will have to answer for the harm it has done”? Mr. Rangel then disingenuously qualifies this threat by stating that he is not the one to whom the Journal will have to answer.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

With atheist friends like this ... who needs enemies?

I finally just finished Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion," a mostly tour de force dissection of and very funny broadside against religion.

But Dawkins and others like him (notably Christopher Hitchens) fall on their faces when it comes to making a final judgment against religion, specifically on morality and "consolation." None of these men and women understands the full psychological and political implications of religion and the disastrous effects both have -- the latter of which being the one that affects you and me (more on that in a bit).

In his latest book, Dawkins retreads his "memes" hypothesis (read "The Selfish Gene" for a full regurgitation, if you dare). His thesis is that evolution creates our morality by making certain symbolic mannerisms and actions propitious to the survival of the human species. For example, empathy might be good for relating to others and keeping us from killing others; or bright eyes may signal openness and attractiveness; or a melodic voice may engender a soothing response in others. Those early humans who had these traits would allegedly have a better chance of living and, therefore, pass along these "meme" genes.


How much evidence does Dawkins have for the above? Zero. Doesn't make a few of these propositions about the genetic aspect untrue, of course, but it simply doesn't matter. ("empathy," by the way, is not due to natural selection; it is a consequence of rationality and the conceptual ability to "put oneself in another's place," unlike the lower animals). Dawkins, like many of his brethren, don't understand that morality derives from free will and rationality and self-awareness. And because they misunderstand this, they miss entirely the implications.

So Dawkins makes such absurd statements as "a person may get some consolation from religion." No, the person cannot get the consolation any more than a drug addict can get "consolation" from zoning out for an hour or two. The religious person can "zone out" and avoid the reality of the moment or his death momentarily, but that is NOT consolation. It is avoidance, and the subconscious human mind KNOWS this. This is one reason why the predominance of religious humanity weeps when friends die -- because their subconscious is not actually deluded into believing that the person is "going to a better place at the side of 'god.'" The Grim Reaper has his little chuckle, doesn't he, at this "faith"?

The "F" word ("faith") is the most detestable in the English language. It is the Grand Evader. It is a method that is not a method at all. It is the religious person's deus ex machina, the magician's trick, the trump card that wins nothing but intellectual devastation. It is the barbarian that barges through the gates of rationality and infects it with the virus of opaque servitude. It is the means to govern a flock from the pulpit and preach to it weekly before it strays too far toward the light of reason. It is the murderer of self-esteem, the castrator of man, the maker of meek woman.

It creates a psychology of servitude and obedience to authority that translates into statist politics, wreaking havoc on individual rights and insisting on home and hearth invasion of those of us who wish to enjoy and run our own lives. It holds court on nudity, abortion, altruistic tax-theft schemes, eminent domain, business governance, suicide, free transit, self-protection, mobility, ingestion, exhaust and health. It tells us we can't when we can. It can't help projecting its own irrationality upon the world and remaking the world in its own deluded, sordid image.

It can't leave us alone because humans live in the world of "ought." By the very nature of being rational animals, we can pick and choose; we are the only moral animal. We "should" be a certain way. The world "should" be a certain way. That is inevitable and good -- as long as it is rational. But the religious person is irrational, so his/her "ought" becomes a frightening apparition that hangs over humanity and suffocates liberty.

Most atheists are nearly as irrational because they also haven't linked rationality to human efficacy and hegemony. They are also skeptics of human ability and self-ownership. But they are generally not AS irrational as the religious element.

I just wish Dawkins and Hitchens and the rest of the irrational atheists would join us objective atheists properly in our fight for freedom -- and stop this two-stepping with the Devil. We need them as our friends, not just more enemies.

Climate cabal begets clunker spelunker

There's the old adage that in order to get statism, the demagogue first have to get the people used to statism with something intrusive but small, as FDR did with "Social Security" (which was tiny at first), as Teddy Roosevelt did with his "trust-busting," as early 20th century politicians did with the tax amendment (allegedly going to be 1% taxation) and the creation of The Fed.

The military calls it "softening the target." For a fiercely independent people (as Americans used to be), this meant the demagogue must take tiny steps to avoid detection. The politicians new that once Americans grew used to (and many started to like) a little bit of statism, then a large minority or even a majority would demand a little bit more statism. New fascist legislation could be enacted, and much of it would be directly connected to previous fascist legislation to give alleged rationale and legitimacy to the new legislation.

And so we have "cash for clunkers," which branched off from Gang Green's takeover of government with its irrational and preposterous global warming charade. Once government, the "public education" community and, lastly, a large portion of Americans fell for the climate hoax, then, of course, they were primed for legislation legerdemain related to the hoax. "Hey, let's get those fuel hogs off the road and SAVE THE EARTH!"

It matters little that the cash-for-clunkers cynicism is a subterfuge for injecting false cash into the auto industry that the government now owns and operates. It matters little that the clunker spelunkers are killing off hundreds or thousands of auto-repair businesses who made their living off of repairing the "clunkers." It matters little that 70,000 Americans traded in their clunkers every year for a newer model anyway. It matters little that human CO2 amounts to exactly zero effect on global climate (it's almost all due to evaporation caused by the sun). It matters little that you and I are the ones PAYING for the new cars the former clunker owners now have.

This macabre clunkers episode should remind us all that if you allow even the tiniest socialism/fascism in government that government grows into the Leviathan that eats us all. It should remind us that philosophy, good philosophy, is the gird against bad ideas and bad legislation. Only individuals standing erect with a firm grasp of Objectivism and the rights of mankind can fight for that little piece of paper called the Constitution.

For, without the defense of those rights, that piece of paper goes up in flames -- as it, unfortunately, is doing as I speak.

Mozart was just showing off

Two new works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were discovered recently and played for an audience in Vienna on Aug. 2 (oh, those lucky Viennese!). The two works add to a canon that already exceeds 600 by the child prodigy, and experts think the "new" ones were composed when Mozart was 6 years old!

Experts are riveted by the news of the new compositions and have been pouring over them to learn of Mozart's evolution into one of the greatest composers in human history. Experts said the compositions are technically very difficult, and one expert admitted that the young genius may have been "showing off" a bit.

Ha! Gotta love that! A six-year-old genius showing us how it's to be done! Love ya, Mozart! Can't wait to hear your "new" work and marvel at you, baby!

Where oh where did the trillion dollars go? ... Um

The same vermin who wish to bring you "universal health care" don't know where the trillion dollar "bailout" money has gone. Not a penny of it. Check out this congressional oversight video, if you wish to see in action the rat-eaten minds of those in charge of government, including the chief of oversight over the Fed.

The greatest shock in this video is that the congressional questioner is a DEMOCRAT. Alan Grayson was one of the few congressmen who was against the bailout, and he is also a first-termer, which may explain a lot.

A great big hole, right in the middle of him

While exchanging emails with my friend Dan Pucket, he made a poignant allusion to Obama Dead Eyes, equating the monster with The Manchurian Candidate. Indeed.

For those not up on your novels and movies, "The Manchurian Candidate" was a novel written in 1959 by Richard Condon and best-adapted to film in a chilling 1962 version. It is about an ingenious Soviet plan to overthrow the U.S. government by brainwashing the son of a prominent American political family after the son is captured as a Sergeant during the Korean War. The Soviets plan to use the Sergeant to assassinate the president and substitute their Manchurian candidate for the presidency. The candidate, of course, has a dangerous hidden agenda to destroy America -- and so we have the apt allusion to Dead Eyes.

All of which brings me to something I discussed with Dan: Who the HELL is this Offal in the Ovum Office? Who is he, REALLY, this man who has made a long, calculated effort to disguise his beliefs, with random moments of “honesty” and guilt by association. Who is this man who has set out on a course to destroy the very nature of America -- the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Who is this man who presumes to take over businesses and commit larceny against Americans' bank accounts with a hubris not seen since the execrable FDR? Who is this man who presumes to tell us that we have no right to determine our own health maintenance? Who is this man who takes the lead in dictator waltzes? Who is this citizen-manque who maligns the once-praised Horatio Algers of this great country who have earned their riches honestly and forthrightly?

Who is this troll who has the prevarication acumen of Billy Clinton, the economic perspicacity of Jimmy Cottah, the stuttering eloquence of George Bush Sr., the churlishness of LBJ, the greasy smugness of Kennedy, the villainous stare of Stalin, the spine of Neville Chamberlain, the vacuity of Paris Hilton, the pretense of Mussolini?

What lies beneath this emotionless psychopath who has, incredibly, ascended to once was the most prestigious and honorable political position in the history of the world? What lies beneath this fastidious fascist who holds nothing "American" dear?

In deciphering the monster, I'm reminded of one of my favorite quotes from the movie Tombstone. Doc Holiday is explaining to Wyatt Earp why the bandit Johnny Ringo does what he does. Doc says, “A man like Ringo has got a great big hole, right in the middle of him. He can never kill enough, or steal enough, or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.”

THAT is Dead Eyes, my friends. He’s an empty vessel, and the means he found to fill it was to become the most powerful person on Earth and make the rest of us pay for his void. His life is not about the pursuit of happiness. It is the pursuit of power, anything that will give him a moment's respite from emptiness enveloping his being. How else does one explain a man, any man, who makes of his life the destruction of all that is good and noble?

Along rides Bill Gates ... and Richard Feynman

If you've ever listened to or watched videos of the brilliant American physicist Richard Feynman, you must inevitably consider the majesty of the human mind. Feynman had such a powerfully concrete grasp of physics that he could explain it to laymen perhaps better than any other well-known physicist. He was able to connect the most abstract theories back to nature, as all minds can do and should do.

So, along rides Bill Gates in one of his more inspired ventures. Gates, who has always loved Feynman's work, bought rights to that work and has created Project Tuva, which creates a web portal for seeing Feynman's most famous lectures on the Einsteinian universe, quantum physics and more. To watch Feynman at work is to see genius. His explanations of even the most difficult abstract matter are lucid and enlightening. You also get a peek into culture with his gentlemanly wit (something rarely seen in our hoi polloi-revering age) and the usual mid-20th-century corny humor.

The other matter that impressed me yet again, besides Feynman's genius, was my reverence for technology and the great minds that have created the Internet and related technology. I'm remain thrilled to live in an age when I may access genius at the stroke of a key, and sit back with my wine and let it flow over me -- free of charge. Thank you, Bill Gates, and thank you, Mr. Feynman, and all you other lovely men and women who've explored our wondrous universe and brought it to my lap.

The Dark Knight IS the Joker

Ever so often, graffiti ain't done by some lowlife with a grudge against "The Man." Check out this caricature of Obama Dead Eyes that's been popping up on freeways in Los Angeles recently. The joke's on Dead Eyes. Wish I could give the artist a smooch -- on the cheek, of course.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Here's what school officials ask during "physicals"

School officials in Irvine, CA, have a clever Big Brother tactic in finding out what kids do and what they're parents do. The leftists mandate "physicals" for all kids wanting to participate in sports. Here are the questions (below) that are asked. Prepare yourself, freedom fighters, because your revolutionary blood may boil!

Here are the questions exactly as they appear on the questionnaire:

Do you always wear a seatbelt when riding a car?

Do you ever use a bike, scooter, skateboard, rollerblade or rollerskate without a helmet?

Have you ever had a sunburn?

Do you play sports or do other exercises that make you sweat or breathe hard for over 30 minutes most days?

Do you usually eat at least 5 helpings of fruits and vegetables each day?

Do you usually drink more than one soda or juice drink every day?

Do you usually watch t.v., play video games or spend time on the computer for more than one hour per day?

Are you using supplements such as creatine, andro, or steroids?

In the past year, have you used laxatives, diet pills or made yourself vomit to try to lose weight?

Have your grades been dropping at school?

Do you, your parents, or friends have a gun?

Have you ever been physically abused by an adult?

Have you ever been forced or pressured to have sex?

Have you ever been in trouble with the law?

Are your close friends gang members?

Does anyone smoke in your home?

Have you smoked cigarettes or chewed tobacco during the last year?

Do your close friends drink alcohol or use drugs?

Have you ever been in the car with a driver who has had too much to drink or was on drugs?

Have you ever had any alcohol (beer, wine or liquor) in the past year?

Have you ever tried drugs (such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, glue, or meth)?

During the past few weeks have you OFTEN felt sad, down or hopeless?

Have you seriously thought about killing yourself, made a plan, or tried to kill yourself?

Have you ever had sex (including oral, vaginal or anal sex)? If yes, do you, or your partner, always use a condom when you have sex?

Do you sometimes have sexual feelings for someone of your own sex (gay or lesbian feelings)?

(Then for young women only: Questions on menstruation)

We need no other examples of where our country has gotten to than this fascist invasion of privacy -- this little "look-see" into the private lives of Americans and their children. What amazes me is that more Americans are not taking their beloved children out of this concentration camp and keeping them home, as I do. The irony in all this, of course, is that the liberal weenie jack-booters chide the GOP for being Orwellian with their Homeland bullshit while the weenies take control of child-rearing and put a metaphorical TV in every household to monitor "proper" conduct.