Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hippies don't want to be left alone. They want to be Left

I just wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal expanding on an excellent column by one of their best writers on Dead Eyes' cabal of Lefties issuing edicts on what kind of "fishy" things we Americans are doing to undermine hippie health care. They hippies say they want to be left alone, but they just want to be Left. And they can't help not leaving the rest of us alone. Here's the letter:

Dorothy Rabinowitz’s column on Obama’s Tone-Deaf Health Campaign squarely hits the mark with analogies to George Orwell, the Stasi and the crusades.

The irony of Linda Douglass’s “fishy” edict is that it rings of properly maligned edicts by President Nixon and the CIA’s J. Edgar Hoover concerning the hippie movement of the 1960s and ‘70s. So now we have the hippie left doing government recon on the right. At least Nixon and Hoover had the “honest” guilt of knowing that what they were doing was wrong, so they kept it secret.

But not modern-day liberals. They have the temerity and unctuous zeal of true believers. (Crusade indeed.) The Obama elitists make erstwhile elitists appear as abiding centrists. These fanatical altruists harbor no good will toward liberty, self-determination, personal responsibility, hard-earned wealth and true rights. Their sympathies lie not with merit but with the “meek.”

Where free people see achievement, the leftists see “haves” and “the privileged.” Where free people see indolence and recklessness, the nouveau hippies see “have-nots” and “the underprivileged” and “the impoverished.” The Left secretly maligns Jesus and outwardly emulates him – and that includes rendering unto Caesar Obama.

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