Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Fourth Estate has become extinct

The modern press has colluded with Obama Dead Eyes and other liberals now for 120 years, but it's gotten worse with the new arrival to the Ovum Office. I wrote the following letter to the editor to the WSJ on this subject.

Karl Rove’s expose on the malfeasance by The New York Times and The Washington Post must be added to these and other American newspapers’ conspiratorial lynching of liberty with lawmakers over the last 120 years to get a full understanding of how the Fourth Estate has essentially vanished as an icon of America.

To be the Fourth Estate, modern journalism would have to differentiate itself from the three governmental estates, but it has, instead, colluded with The Big Three to greater degrees through these last 12 decades or used its power to eviscerate the few good leaders who’ve espoused liberty, such as Ronald Reagan. Instead of the raison d’etre of journalism being to protect liberty and strictly confine government -- as it should be – it has now become the Leviathan’s sibling who crushes individualism with its red pen.

On the same day that Mr. Rove’s expose was printed, the Journal ran a terrific quote from Milton and Rose Friedman that would be a wonderful paradigm for a free press: “the promotion of human freedom … opposition to rent control and general wage and price controls … support for educational choice … an all-volunteer army, limitation of government spending, legalization of drugs, privatizing of Social Security, free trade, and the deregulation of industry.” In other words, individualism and capitalism and liberty.

Instead, the American press prides itself on modern sophistication while implicitly espousing the execrable European “progressivism” of the 19th century that the grand curmudgeon Herbert Spencer eloquently berated while itemizing its innumerable Acts of coercion against individuals and business. Mr. Spencer, however, mistakenly thought his contemporaries had good intentions. It took the author/philosopher Ayn Rand to accurately call such government coercers thugs bent on their own altruistic aggrandizement – power.

Ms. Rand also noted that the hallmark of a free country was a free press. But, perhaps even that prescient woman could not have foreseen such media collusion as we have today – the overt crowning of a vague and shadowy Leftist figure on the campaign trail, the lauding of explicitly socialistic legislation, the animus toward the only moral economic system (capitalism), the open harassment of wealth, the fostering of class and race, the propagation of semi-fascist environmentalism and much more.

Mr. Rove is feeling the brunt of an ignorant and corrupt press that has one of its own in the Oval Office. I’m overjoyed to hear his rational and defiant voice rise above the liberal cacophony.

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