Wednesday, January 01, 2014

BUY Insurance and DON'T BUY Light Bulbs!!

You may have already heard that the 2007 law signed by the idiot savant (without the "savant") George W. Bush that bans all Americans from producing incandescent light bulbs (you remember Thomas Edison, right?) begins today.
You probably already know that today marks the day when The Occupier government takes over health insurance in America and you are required to buy insurance, whether you like it or not.
You MUST buy insurance. You CAN'T buy certain light bulbs.
Welcome to America.
You must pay taxes. You can't buy weed.
You must have a "Social Security" number. You can't buy any gun.
Welcome to America.
You must buy car insurance. You can't drive without a government license.
You must pay for losers (welfare). You can't get drugs without government approval.
Welcome to America.
You must be a hetero. You can't be a homo.
You must school your children. You can't be naked in public.
Welcome to America.
You must be a racist ("affirmative action"). You can't be a racist.
You must honor pets' "rights." You can't honor your children's rights to liberty.
Welcome to America.
You must pay property taxes. You can't own property the government "needs."
You must explain large amounts of cash in your possession. You can't leave America without government approval (passport).
Welcome to Occupied America.