Saturday, June 02, 2012

Girl can read!

There are those moments in life when you just stop for a moment and go "Wow!" Well, that happened last week.
I was walking through the living room and saw my daughter, Livy, with five kids books in her hands. (I didn't think she could read. She'd been sounding out words and reading road signs a bit, but not actually sitting down and READING.)
I said, "He Liv, what's you doing?"
"Oh." (pause). "Are you reading those books?"
(Look of incredulity at my stupid question.) "Uh, yeah Dad. ... These are my favorite books."
"Yeah, I know. Those are the ones that I used to read to you when you were, like, three and four and five. Remember?"
"Will you read them to me sometime soon?"
"Yeah." (nonchalant)
I watched her read for a moment, in wonder at her ability to learn how to read virtually on her own by the age of 8.5 years old, which is what she is now. She, of course, is unschooled, which means no formal teaching and no pushing on my part to get her to read or do anything else she doesn't want to do.
The human mind and volition are wonderful things to behold. And my lovely child likes to read ... sometimes.