Thursday, August 06, 2009

Climate cabal begets clunker spelunker

There's the old adage that in order to get statism, the demagogue first have to get the people used to statism with something intrusive but small, as FDR did with "Social Security" (which was tiny at first), as Teddy Roosevelt did with his "trust-busting," as early 20th century politicians did with the tax amendment (allegedly going to be 1% taxation) and the creation of The Fed.

The military calls it "softening the target." For a fiercely independent people (as Americans used to be), this meant the demagogue must take tiny steps to avoid detection. The politicians new that once Americans grew used to (and many started to like) a little bit of statism, then a large minority or even a majority would demand a little bit more statism. New fascist legislation could be enacted, and much of it would be directly connected to previous fascist legislation to give alleged rationale and legitimacy to the new legislation.

And so we have "cash for clunkers," which branched off from Gang Green's takeover of government with its irrational and preposterous global warming charade. Once government, the "public education" community and, lastly, a large portion of Americans fell for the climate hoax, then, of course, they were primed for legislation legerdemain related to the hoax. "Hey, let's get those fuel hogs off the road and SAVE THE EARTH!"

It matters little that the cash-for-clunkers cynicism is a subterfuge for injecting false cash into the auto industry that the government now owns and operates. It matters little that the clunker spelunkers are killing off hundreds or thousands of auto-repair businesses who made their living off of repairing the "clunkers." It matters little that 70,000 Americans traded in their clunkers every year for a newer model anyway. It matters little that human CO2 amounts to exactly zero effect on global climate (it's almost all due to evaporation caused by the sun). It matters little that you and I are the ones PAYING for the new cars the former clunker owners now have.

This macabre clunkers episode should remind us all that if you allow even the tiniest socialism/fascism in government that government grows into the Leviathan that eats us all. It should remind us that philosophy, good philosophy, is the gird against bad ideas and bad legislation. Only individuals standing erect with a firm grasp of Objectivism and the rights of mankind can fight for that little piece of paper called the Constitution.

For, without the defense of those rights, that piece of paper goes up in flames -- as it, unfortunately, is doing as I speak.

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