Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jefferson may not have fucked his slave

"In Defense of Thomas Jefferson," a new book, states that nobody can be sure that TJ screwed the slave Sally Hemings, as revisionists have brazenly claimed for 30 years. The author of "In Defense," William Hyland, is a lawyer and historian who studied the facts and the claims surrounding the issue and has determined that nobody can know for sure -- and that TJ most likely did NOT have sexual relations with that woman (hope I gave you an ick moment there in memory of William "Blue Dress" Clinton's famous denial).

Hyland points out that the DNA evidence that has allegedly pointed to TJ doesn't take into account that Jefferson had two-dozen-plus male relatives, including his younger brother, Randolph, who had already fathered slave children and who had been invited to Monticello nine months before Hemings' child was born. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! (that was a "Mr. Incredible" moment).

It doesn't, after all, really matter whether TJ had consensual sex with anyone, including a slave, but the revisionists are not after simple truths. They seek to allegedly undermine the man's ideas by sullying his character. None of us is happy that this lofty man didn't execute the final measure of justice toward blacks and free his slaves, but his ideas eventually achieved what he could not perform himself.

TJ never responded to his accusers in 1802 or afterward, but he wrote years later of the accusations, saying, "The man who fears no truths has nothing to fear from lies. I should have fancied myself guilty had I condescended to put pen to paper in refutation."

Boy, do I miss such language and honor in modern politicians. Love ya, TJ.

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