Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stop talking about whether it will "work"

Besides the whole god thing, the topic that makes the right wing so vacuous in America is its discussions about whether some political idea will "work." Here are some quotes:

"Health care reform will not lower costs."

"Cap and trade will raise costs and hurt business."

"Putting more money into public education isn't making grades any higher."

"The Post Office should be allowed to compete with private enterprise to get more efficient."

"Medicare and Medicaid are necessary, but the corruption and theft need to be curtailed."

"Embargoes against dictatorships work in the long-term."

All of the above comments are utilitarian, allegedly predicated on whether something will work -- without stating an objective moral premise and STARTING with a moral premise and then moving forward. The moral premise of all of the above is that Americans don't have a right to their lives and property and non-coercion, so we should talk about to what DEGREE they don't have a right to those things.

Even the terrific Wall Street Journal regularly makes this anti-philosophical mistake, getting bogged down in endless diatribes with liberals, with whom they share a moral premise: individuals don't have rights. They both wield swords, one dull and one sharp.

The only way to win this current battle against Obama/Lefty socialism/fascism is to regularly discuss what "rights" are, where they come from, and how NOBODY has a right to violate them ANYTIME or ANYWHERE.

Only then will we connect with Americans and help guide them down the path of liberty.

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