Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mozart was just showing off

Two new works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were discovered recently and played for an audience in Vienna on Aug. 2 (oh, those lucky Viennese!). The two works add to a canon that already exceeds 600 by the child prodigy, and experts think the "new" ones were composed when Mozart was 6 years old!

Experts are riveted by the news of the new compositions and have been pouring over them to learn of Mozart's evolution into one of the greatest composers in human history. Experts said the compositions are technically very difficult, and one expert admitted that the young genius may have been "showing off" a bit.

Ha! Gotta love that! A six-year-old genius showing us how it's to be done! Love ya, Mozart! Can't wait to hear your "new" work and marvel at you, baby!

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