Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chill in the air on "global warming"

If you live on a mainland in the Northern Hemisphere, you are most likely cold as you read this. North America, Europe and Asia have seen one of the coldest winters on record. People who have never seen snow in their lifetime are seeing it now, and places that get snow are seeing double or triple the usual amounts. We've already had snow here in North Georgia four times this year (usually get one or two here), and it has come down in inches, not just little dustings, as in the past. We're building snowmen and asking the gods for real global warming.

And today, yet another article on the evil machinations of the global-warming scrum was published by Newsmax (the major media don't bother with such facts). This time, the story explains how data has been falsified via phony temperature gauges around the world.

The intrepid shenanigan-istas like Pudge Gore tried to push through their legislation to saddle American businesses with punitive taxes because of their alleged warming before the truth came out. But they lost the race, as ObaMa lost his race to get health-care socialized before the facts came out and before Americans woke up to his Hitlerian subterfuge.

If this current "global warming" keeps up, I may have to move to Cuba, kill off the regime, free the people and suck lots of cuba libres.

I HATE cold!

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