Saturday, February 06, 2010

Place ad and watch the freaks come out

For my travel business ( I often place ads in places such as craigslist. When I do, I get bombarded with people not interested in purchasing part of my business, but who are instead interested in selling me something, usually bizarre and often a scam. Most of these people can't speak English even close to properly, as is the case with the response (below) that I got from a craigslist ad. The web address that this person gives is not even valid. Freakish!


I seen your ad about One Week Hotel Stay $175 in the services section but more importantly than me needing your service...

You need to be able to act and be ready!

As with hurricane Katrina and the people of Haiti who werent prepared nature strikes without warning and though you're doing the best you can providing for your family dont look over the little things that can play a big part in case something like that happens to us.

I am also from Worldwide and know that God gives us signs to protect us i want you to look at this one, it is only 1 dollar.

That dollar could mean the difference of being prepared incase something else is destined for us.

I know that your One Week Hotel Stay $175 keeps you pretty busy but don't let it keep you so busy that you do not even bother to look at what you could have!

For every kit that is bought a portion is donated to help the people of Haiti.

Thank you for reading this and i pray you and yours are blessed many times over.


Get Your Disaster Kit

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