Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Global warming" and private property

Walter Williams has written another good piece on global warming.

But, like all such columns, it misses the fundamental problem with alleged global warming politics: the failure to honor private property.

Individuals and corporations (owned by individuals) have a right to operate their properties as they please. If another person or corporation believes that the operation of that property is causing harm to the other's property, then they can file a claim in a judicial court against the the allegedly offending company.

With alleged global warming, this would mean filing a suit against companies that expel CO2 (or whatever "pollutant"). In court, it would be up to the plaintiff to make a case that (A) global warming is real and caused by humans, (B) that that warming is significantly harming the plaintiff's property and (C) that the defendant is contributing a substantial-enough portion of the pollutants to be held accountable.

It would, of course, be virtually impossible to bring such claims. They could not be proven, and that is one reason that the Left attempts to circumvent the courts with legislation based upon decrees by politicians and corrupt scientists -- to enact their fascist philosophies by fiat.

Take us back to fundamentals, Mr. Williams. Let's start the conversation there.

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