Thursday, February 04, 2010

If I hear "Help Haiti" one more time ...!

I don't send money to third-world countries where tragedy inevitably strikes any more than I send money to Wal-Mart shoppers living in trailer parks struck by the tornadoes that inevitably strike in Oklahoma and Kansas.

No, I'm not happy those people died, but why the hell would I send money to people who purposely put themselves in harm's way and then get smacked hard for doing so? If they don't care about their lives, why the hell should I?

Yeah, the people in Haiti don't care. If they did, they would rise up against their government, demand liberty and capitalism, reap the benefits of that freedom and money, and then build earthquake/hurricane-proof dwellings. Instead, they are content to dig around in trash heaps, rob from others, and sleep in dwellings that are simply makeshift coffins.

Instead of money, how about somebody send Haitians a copy of the original Constitution of the United States -- and a copy of Atlas Shrugged? And if our military HAS to be over there, how about they imprison all those parents who failed to change the system and thereby relegated their children to an awful death?

It's one thing to be careless with your own life, but to also put your child in a shanty in one of the most dangerous geographic spots on Earth is actionable by justice.

How well do you think that idea will go over in "world opinion"?


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