Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In praise of crashing plane into IRS in Texas

Joe Stack is a hero.

After being pilloried, bankrupted, robbed, hounded and probed by an outlaw institution that goes by the acronym IRS, Mr. Stack took his own life and the life of an IRS collaborator in a fiery plane crash last Thursday.

Yesterday, his daughter called him a hero for his ideas but not for going through with his ideas by killing one or more of his robbers. She is mistaken. The man that Mr. Stack killed willingly worked for an outlaw crime syndicate.

Mr. Stack was on the vanguard of a revolution against an outlaw government in the United States -- one that no longer honors individual rights to life, property and free movement.

America has become Third World, in which elections are simply a mockery of "constitutionalism." We no longer have a liberty constitution. We have a Thugocracy elected into despotic power by its graft-taking minions. One of the primary means that our Thugocracy uses to perpetuate itself is immoral taxation, with its right-hand collection thug: the IRS.

As I wrote yesterday, our government is no different now than a mafia. Would any of you have had a problem with Mr. Stack's violent action had he been getting bullied, robbed and hounded by an all-powerful and menacing mafia? Would you have had a problem with one of the mafia's thugs getting killed in the plane crash?

If not, then decide for yourself if our America has become a mafia. If yes, then you must hold Stack up as a hero. Ayn Rand once said that as long as the media is free, then perhaps revolution isn't necessary, perhaps we still have enough liberty. But our media have become the government mafia's consiliere, its abettor. It no longer protects us. It, in fact, seeks special privileges while advocating the oppression of other businesses and individual rights.

Remember Barry Goldwater's aphorism: "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and ... moderation in the pursuit of liberty is no virtue."

Mr. Stack was an extremist for liberty.

He wasn't a lunatic. I'm not a lunatic.

And we aren't moderates either. I have no plans to do as Mr. Stack did -- yet. I will attempt persuasion of my fellow Americans for the time-being. But if the fascism accelerates, I will have no choice but to take up arms. You will, too.

Our Founding Fathers fought and killed because of taxation without representation. America now has immoral taxation with immoral representation.

May Mr. Stack rest in peace.

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