Sunday, February 21, 2010

If it was the "mafia," would you fight?

"A rose by any other name is still a rose."

The mafia by any other name is still the mafia.

If mafia took 50% of your money at the point of a gun and the mafia had the police force and military on its side, would you fight?

If that were all it did, you might hesitate. But what if it also told you that you can or cannot (with or without its permission) drive your car, get important medicine, fly on airplanes, take down your mailbox, fish, hunt, buy a gun, take down trees in "your" yard, make changes to "your" house, obtain milk straight from the cow, bury your loved ones in "your" yard, grow marijuana, kill yourself, buy liquor on Sundays, be naked in "your" yard, have sex in your car, put signs in "your" yard, drive a boat, take $6,000 in cash from your bank account, buy racy music or videos, go to a foreign country, drive fast, start your own business, hire whichever workers you desire, pay your workers what you and they agree on, text while driving, etc.?

What if the mafia demanded that you be branded with a number -- a 9-digit number -- so that it could track you now and your past movements anytime it wished?

Would you fight the mafia? Be honest. Would you fight the mafia if it took half your money and monitored or forbade all of the above in your daily life?

Yes, if you've got any cajones (pardon me, ladies), you would fight!

Government in America is now the mafia. It doesn't get its power from La Cosa Nostra. It gets its power from gullible and/or corrupt citizens, who demand that it commit these transgressions against you by fiat every day of your life.

So, how do you fight?

First, prepare your mind -- the body will follow. Read Ayn Rand. Read all of Ayn Rand. Integrate her ideas. Become a rational force of nature. Acquire a brilliant, clear mind that demands liberty, that joins me and others in our demands for liberty. Do it now. The sooner you become rational, the sooner you, I, our friends, and all our brothers and sisters in liberty are free in our pursuit of happiness.

Let's bury this wretched mafia once and for all -- and let's party on their graves!

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