Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The carcinoma that is Fulton County, GA

Are you sitting down? ... Good.

A politician here in Georgia is making sense. Yes, I know, but it's true. The speaker pro tem of the House wishes to lop off the top of the 80-mile-long carcinoma on the Georgia map known as Fulton County, where I reside, and create a new county out of the top 20 miles or so -- where nice, polite, middle-class people live.

Fulton is a gerrymandering nightmare of a county that includes the filthy, crime-riddled, racist-mongering, money-pilfering, ignorance-touting, ghetto-talking, homeless-loitering, grits-addled, union-malaised city of Hotlanta (precious).

Atlanta, er, Hotlanta (in middle Fulton) has been sucking the hard-earned cash out of the northern burbs for 70 years, ever since it woofed down what used to be an independent county in my territory.

As you can imagine, the parasites (Democrats) in Hotlanta are spewing chitlins and collard greens over the pro tem's proposal, calling it, yes, racist and classist and unfair and selfish and lots of other adjectives from the Jesse Jackson playbook on bilking the crackers.

But, despite Hotlanta's being clogged with Democrats, the rest of Georgia is staunchly Republican, so the state House is run by the Repubs, who may have enough votes to starve the urban monster and force a separation with its sugar daddy.

If that happens, it'll come to a vote up here in the hinters.

I may just have to register for the first time since 1984.

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