Sunday, February 28, 2010

My daughter, the revolutionary "nutcase"

My ex-wife Kelly sent me THIS LINK, in which our daughter, Livy, and two of her friends (and Kelly) were shown in a picture as an example of the "nutcases" in the world espousing Ayn Rand's ideas and not giving a shit about the "downtrodden."

When you go to the link, scroll down to the 8th picture. Livy is holding the pink sign that reads "Ayn Rand Was Right," and her two friends Morgan and Ryan are to her left. Kelly is standing at right.

I must say that I'm now jealous that my lovely daughter has exploded upon the scene of the revolution as an example of evil BEFORE I did.

God, I'm a proud father!!


Michael said...

That's fucking cool!

David Elmore said...

Oh yes, it is!! I can't wait till that girl's 16. She's going to drive the psycho Lefty freaknics fucking batty!