Friday, February 05, 2010

Beer in baby bottles in Britain

"99 plastic bottles of beer on the wall ... 99 plastic bottles of beer ..."

They'll have to start singing the drunk's song that way in Britain soon, since the government officially announced that British pubs are to begin using plastic pint mugs to lower the costs of government health care -- of course.

Evidently, more than 87,000 binge-drinking Britons are sliced up badly by their drunken mates each year when they fight with glass mugs, costing billions in health care for the nanny state. So, soon Britons will be saying, "Hey mate, pass me another frozen plastic pint, will ya?!"

The British guvment is also trying to find ways to curb the notorious binge drinking of their cavern comrades. May I suggest putting plastic nipples on the plastic pint mugs?

"Hey mate, pass me another baby bottle, will ya?!"

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