Thursday, March 25, 2010

The "peace-out" Lefties love their violence

Look back over the demostrations over the last 100 years -- at Berkeley, at Ohio State, in San Francisco, in Washington D.C., at Republican conventions, at presidential speeches, at environmental gatherings, at conservative speeches, at college speeches by conservatives.

What's a common occurrence?

Violence. Not just shouting down speakers who've been asked to speak by institutions. Not just threats of physical violence against the speakers. Not just demands that governments shut the speakers up.

Violence. The conservative kitty-cat Ann Coulter (meow!) became the latest victim of these red-faced club-wielding low-brows in Canada. 2,000 of the peace-out thugs swarmed an auditorium where Kitty Coulter was to speak; they rioted, set off a fire alarm, threw tables, blocked entrances and shrilly screamed like tantrum-throwing little girls.

They should, of course, know better than to mess with the Kitty, who blistered their panty-lined bottoms with scathing humor (see link above). One particular person received his justice de stylo from Kitty. His name is Francois A. Houle (French for Frank. A Hole, Kitty explained), the provost at Ottawa University, where Kitty was to speak.

Mr. Houle subtly incited the riotors by threatening Kitty with prison if she incited "hatred." And then Mr. Houle didn't show up at any of Kitty's three planned speeches in Canada. Kitty's response: "(To add insult to injury, Francois didn't even plan to attend my speech because Tuesday is his bikini wax night.)"

The peace-out ninnies will not enjoy Miss Kitty's delicious humor. They're too busy hating -- hating freedom lovers for not surrendering to the Lefties' demands for handouts for "free" education or free food or free medicine or free housing or free panties.

They are, as Ayn Rand put it, subjectivists who have rendered themselves incapable of self-control and happiness and, therefore, succumbed to the only thing they understand: violence against others who will not put up with their irrationality and wish to speak out against it.

They act like beasts, but are much worse. They are what only bad humans can be: malevolent. Lower animals have no choice but to commit violence. They don't do it because they're mad; they do it because it's their nature. But human violence is entirely man-made. It is an acknowledgement of existential failure in the world. It is a tantrum against the world. It is a malevolence against the world.

And it is a hallmark of the Leftist movement here in America and around the world.

Watch out, Lefties. The Kitty's on the loose.

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