Saturday, March 06, 2010

Early March means ...

It's March 6, so what's finally right around the corner?!

If you said "spring," I'm deeply disappointed!

Proper answer: The iPad!!!!!

But alas, Apple announced yesterday that it's late March launch of the iPad will be delayed a week. A WEEK!!!!!

Sacre bleu! Tell me it ain't so, Stevie! I'm feeling verklempt!

OK. OK. (deep breaths). So the iPad will be on store shelves April 3, just three days before my 50th birthday. That design will have the Wi-Fi capability but not the 3G, which is the one I want and will not be on store shelves until late April.

The horror! What's an iPad fanatic to do? Guess I'll go for a run. ...

... Is it late April yet?

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