Tuesday, March 02, 2010

ObaMa's collision with reality

OK, how many of you know the difference between liability insurance and collision insurance for your car?

Uhuh. Uhuh. OK, ALL of you. That's right, you've been having to deal with the facts and facets of reality and existence in the real world for years now and know that liability insurance means your car is not covered if you're in a wreck, but the other car and its occupants are covered if it's your fault.

And you know that with collision insurance, both cars are covered if the wreck is your fault.

Count yourself enlightened and as smarter than our current Marxist-in-Chief, who, like all good Marxists, hasn't a clue as to how the free marketplace of ideas and products and services operates and believes that individuals have a right to the property and money of businesses no matter what happens in their pitiful life-wreck.

Thanks to my friend Dan Puckett (who lives in reality) for bringing the above video to my attention.

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