Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Blog post #410

I've been blogging regularly now for 25 months -- after an aborted attempt to do so in 2005.

This marks post number 410 in those 25 months, which is more than 16 a month. I'm not a diarist, or at least didn't think of myself as a diarist. I abhorred writing diaries. They depressed me somehow. I think it's the solitude and self-absorption of it -- unlike a blog, where you feel like someone is listening.

A blog is more like a pretend group discussion, and it's much easier and faster to type than write -- and you don't have to worry about dusty storage and lost diaries. You also get feedback on when you're being a numbskull or when you make a good point or are just sharing your emotions. It's interactive and exciting.

And it's learning. My ambition when I started regularly blogging in February of 2008 was to become a better writer, better thinker, better conveyor, more integrated, more in touch with the momentary thought and reflection. I also knew that someday I might take this David brain on the road politically and/or philosophically, which meant having digested better what I knew and who I am.

No, that wouldn't prepare me for all situations and questions perhaps, but, hey, I love spontaneity and a little befuddlement that requires immediate and novel inspection.

Anyway, it's been fun and informative. #410 is behind me. I welcome #820.

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Daniel said...

Best premises!