Friday, March 05, 2010

NOT going postal

The U.S. Post Office is bleeding. Actually, it's hemorrhaging.

It's going to lose $7 billion this year and possibly as much as $238 billion over the next 10 years.

We coerced "customers" will pay for our mail via the front door, as usual, and wheelbarrows full of our "tax" cash will be wheeled in through the back door, as usual, to keep this union-bloated behemoth fed and slogging.

The PO is considering again halting Saturday deliveries, of course, reducing service instead of offering better service, as a private company would have to do. A private postal service would've already been sliced and diced up by its lenders, and competition would've run it out of business, creating a much better service that took into account the information age, the Age of the Internet, which is now biting seriously into the PO's accounts.

I remember having a conversation with a PO delivery guy just five years ago and asking him if the Internet was chopping away at PO income. He said no, but I knew he was either lying or fooling himself. (He actually told me that business was increasing!) I told him that it was and would do so on a grand scale once banks and other companies began automatic drafts and online checking on a bigger scale. He said, "Well, there'll always be a need for us."

Uhuh. The Feds are not helping the PO, of course. The law mandating service to all households and businesses in America at the same stamp price means that the PO can't be selective and charge more for those choosing to live rurally.

The obvious answer (to anyone not a redistributionist Lefty) is to liquidate the pathetic PO, get the government out of the mail-delivery service, and let UPS and FedEx and startups do what they do far better: give good services and products to free Americans.

Same goes for health care and all other redistributionist schemes!

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