Friday, March 05, 2010

It's a mad mad mad (Gore) world

Last Sunday in The New York Times, Al Gore went mad -- again.

Actually, he never stopped being mad, of course, but he got lots of free print space from his Lefty butt-buddies at the NYT to spew his madness again about the CO2 fever our Earth is allegedly suffering from because of naughty, fire-breathing humans.

Of course, he's been refuted even more times than he eats every day, so his most recent tantrum is the minister preaching inside the whorehouse: lots of happy people point and giggle at the frumpy, thrill-kill alien with the plump, sinister eyes.

How could sane people not laugh at a corpulent specter who says things like, "From the standpoint of governance, what is at stake is our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption"?

Jesus just rolled over in his grave -- or wherever he's supposed to be. As well he should be rolling over because he's got some serious competition on smoldering Planet Earth from a fat guy with hockey stick and a Hitler complex.

If you, too, are ashamed to count Al Gore among Americans, then you might like to hear from a man who is English but who is an American lion at heart. His name is Lord Monckton. He's been the voice of reason on ClimateGate for years and has had a standing public invitation to Al Gore to engage in an international debate on the subject of alleged global warming.

Gore, of course, has avoided Monckton even more vigorously than facts. Monckton has brought the English around mostly with his passion for reason and has been spreading the word in America, too, for the last year.

Listen to this magnificent man in this PJTV interview. Listen especially to the last six minutes, in which he praises the Tea Party and America herself and Thomas Jefferson and the Constitution of the United States.

Lord Monckton is an American.

Al Gore is a Nazi.

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