Saturday, March 28, 2009

A robber's justice is just, well, poetic

I read two newspapers each day and usually avoid all stories about common criminals (outside of Congress and the Ovum Office), but a headline grabbed my attention: "Car strikes robbery suspect leaving store."

Yeah, instant justice! Gotta love it!

But it gets better. Turns out that while fleeing a jewelry story clutching a $10,000 bracelet and being chased by an off-duty police officer, the robber turned to see where his pursuer was and the robber was struck by someone driving a Buick, which then ran over the robber's head before being able to stop. Ouch!

The irony is delicious: Robber goes through life refusing to use his head, and now a lowly GM product has relieved him of it.

Any jury would be envious of that Buick. Makes me almost want to buy one. ...


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