Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Buying American" is un-American

I sent the following letter to the editor to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today concerning two columns it printed today on whether Americans should buy only American products.
Both columnists discussing whether Americans should “buy American” missed the fundamental point – though Mr. Murphy at least is right that we shouldn’t be isolationist.

As the Ayn Rand Institute has been saying for years, “buying American is un-American” because it does not reward hard work and efficiency wherever it may reside. The American way since the early days of the American experiment is that you work hard and let others decide whether your work is worthy of their money. If some foreigners can do better work at better prices than some Americans, then “the American way” dictates that we Americans should reward these foreigners with our business as an appreciation for their “American” work ethic.

Are we afraid of competition? Are YOU afraid of competition? I’m not, and neither should any proud American.

Any other personal policy is simply un-American.

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