Friday, March 27, 2009

Fargo or farragoes

I'm confused, bewildered.

I've tried for days to figure out which government agency is behind the Fargo phenomenon -- where thousands of private citizens are filling and placing 2 million sandbags around the North Dakota city to protect it and neighbors' homes from the rising Red River.

Which of Mr. Dead Eyes' thug departments is forcing the nice folks of Fargo into "public service"?! Why are his hooligans not in front of TV cameras praising themselves for fostering this "public service"?! Why is Dead Eyes not stating that "th-th-th-this is why, this is why ... this is what we had in mind about "public service" when we assed, uh, asked our citizens to join hands with their government in a new eerie, uh, era of opportunity and sacrifice to others -- and that ... this is what our programs were intended for, to make ... help our great citizenry understand why ... what it means to help their fellow citizens." (head tilted back, voice appropriately resonate, dick hard)

Are these people in Fargo TRULY volunteering?! I mean, nobody is MAKING them help their neighbors?! Why would they do THAT?! Why didn't they wait until Dead Eyes signed "public service" legislation so they could get praise from Dead Eyes personally and hear about how if it wasn't for Dead Eyes, they would've never been helping their neighbors and there never would've been a spirit of "giving back"?! Why why why?!

(Note to Lefties: The above content was tongue-in-cheek.)

The truth, as many or most of us Americans know it, is that most Americans are incredibly loving and caring of their neighbors, and that Americans give more money to charity (by amount and per capita) than any country on Earth (or Mars) and in the history of civilization (and before that, I suppose). We have done so because we have been free or mostly free of government intrusions into our private lives for most of the history of this country. Freedom fosters benevolence.

That benevolence is an exotic animal that Lefties couldn't see even if a government handout gave them 3-D glasses. The Lefties don't care about charity. Their calls for "public service" are not about the public or about service. They are about the cynical totalitarian mindset that only the Leviathan (government) knows best where private people's energies must be spent -- and, more important, it is about the Lefties' getting a psychological stranglehold on the minds (and a grimy, filthy hand on the pocketbooks) of Americans. Not even your free time, my friends, is to be free anymore. Not even your unrobbed ("taxed") dollar is to be yours anymore. The enslavement of socialism begins not with a cannon, but with a canon.

And then our freedom is merely cannon fodder.

Hitler would be proud of Dead Eyes and his lipstick brigade's farragoes.

I'm proud of Fargo.

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