Monday, March 16, 2009

The Orwellian fascists on Capitol Hill

The following letter was sent to the Wall Street Journal today in response to a letter to the WSJ by two liberal senators rationalizing legislation that intrudes on private business.

Sens. Diane Feinstein and Olympia Snowe (Letter, 3-16) have mastered the art of Orwellian double-speak. But what’s more frightening is that, unlike their cynical and overtly sinister fictional counterparts, these two statist mavens actually believe in government monitoring of “unnecessary expenditures” and “sensible limits,” as well as government-theft “financial lifelines” concerning private business.

We find no hint of irony in their supercilious fascism. Let’s not mince words. The fascist rulers of 20th-century Europe cannily understood the import of taking over of industry by regulation and monitoring, without the messy ownership issue – so as to exact maximum proceeds under the guise of “the common good.”

These two senators and their authoritarian peers have assumed the alleged righteousness of government intervention in the private economy for decades, thereby allowing libertine political takeovers of companies and Star Chamber interrogations of CEOs before a less-than-candid world. It reminds one of the intrusive parent who creates the rebellious child – and then becomes brutal in punitive and unctuous self-righteousness.

Perhaps that explains the ubiquitous grins on liberal faces these days.

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