Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Oval Office Asylum

One of the things I find interesting (and revealing) about the national media concerning Dead Eyes (that's Obama for you who dare not to read this blog) is the amount of times they use the term “presidential” in describing DE, as if trying to convince themselves and others of substance and to apologize for the lack thereof. It’s like their apologies for blacks, referring to their “caught in a cycle of poverty” as reason for high crime rates and malaise. It reminds me, also, of their constant references to Clinton’s “ability to hold facts” and to his being a Rhodes Scholar to offset his depravity and paper-mache ego.

Dead Eyes’ unctuous paternalism is showing itself clearly now in his “national service” proposals. What I find so disturbing about him and most of the presidents of the last 100 years is the ulterior motives behind their desire to run this country. They are truly, psychologically, fucked up, and making up for their ego-tattered mentalities by attaining the most prestigious office in the world – and then, because they cannot run their own lives, insisting on running the lives of hundreds of millions. I know this is psychologizing, but I think I’m not far off the mark, considering their paternalistic policies. And much of the black male culture in America is the worst in this country, rivaling the paternalism of Third World men.

Dead Eyes has the same mannerisms as Clinton, in this regard: the stuffy superciliousness; the condescending tilt of the head; the prickly meanness; the self-conscious bully bounce in his walk; the pulpit-speak; the reproach-invincibility facade. I find myself sometimes wondering, “Am I the only fucking person in America (present company excluded) who sees these things and wonders about the fate of freedom and the psyche of Americans?” This guy’s a charlatan of the highest order, a farce, a sniveling class tattletale, the disgruntled eminence grise who kills his competition with lies and conceits and becomes eminence rouge.

The office of president of the United States has become an asylum.

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