Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nuclear-energy CEO will reap bounty off his "concern" for "global warming"

I wrote the following letter to the editor to the Wall Street Journal after reading an interview with J. Wayne Leonard in the paper, in which Leonard showed great "concern" for global warming and human emissions -- all of which helps legislation that would hurt his coal competition and reap great bounties for his company.

Dear editor,

Objective study of the two global warming pitches (caused by man or by nature) has shown over the last several years that it is clearly a natural occurrence – if it is happening at all. This understanding is the knowledge in a closet, whose door no big businessman will open, for fear of political retribution. And so we have CEOs who make luke-warm and appropriately disingenuous comments about their alleged support of global warming policies.

J. Wayne Leonard, however, has a “deep-seated concern about climate change,” as Joseph Rago put it, and supports Barack Obama’s farrago for slashing emissions by 80% by 2050. Considering Mr. Leonard’s occupation (a chief in the nuclear-power industry), this reader could not help but chuckle at Mr. Leonard’s climate and emission worries – and the bounty his company will reap if those worries translate to strong support for anti-carbon legislation.

As with all businessmen who become bed-mates with politicians, Mr. Leonard will find himself kicked from the covers and to the floor when he is no longer useful to the current cabal on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, I don’t know how this “avuncular” man can sleep at night.

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