Thursday, March 05, 2009

Conservative columnist job at AJC

I haven't mentioned in these pages that I've been trying for a month and a half to become a conservative columnist at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I and 200 other Atlanta-area folks filled out an extensive questionnaire in late February for the post, and I have just learned that I am not one of 10 finalists for the position.

That is unfortunate. I think I could bring a fresh voice (some might call it a "radical" voice) to the conservative movement -- one that would make Rush Limbaugh seem like Nancy Pelosi (my apologies to Mr. Limbaugh's bona fides).

I'm still in contact with Matt Kempner, the editor in charge of the questionnaires, at concerning the position and sent him 3 of my columns I wrote for this blog in late February on torture, the water crisis and the "liberal tsunami" that hit the American economy. And Mr. Kempner was kind enough to pass my 3 columns along to the current AJC conservative columnist, Jim Wooten, to read. But this is most likely a long-shot -- though hopefully, not. We'll see.

As many of you know, my conservative (one might even say "Jeffersonian conservative") positions on all subjects are based upon a philosophical position that humans have a complete and total right to their own lives -- something amiss in the modern GOP, and something that needs an eloquent and unmitigated proponent in print. It is still my hope that the AJC will see this as a positive and perhaps bring me in for an interview. It is a job of a lifetime, and I would sorely hate to lose it.


Daniel said...

Unfortunate indeed. Consistent ideas (both boldly stated and reality-based) are not just needed in politics but in the papers as well.

You'd be the person to stir up some controversy, get letters to the editor rushing in, and have people talking about new articles--all indicators of interest that newspapers see less and less of each passing year.

Hopefully they rethink the decision.

David Elmore said...

Thanks, Daniel. If you have the time and inclination, perhaps you wouldn't mind sending an email to the editor I mention stating your opinion on my credentials? :)
Hope all is well with you abroad.