Thursday, March 05, 2009

My letter on Bill Moyers published in Wall Street Journal

The following letter I wrote to the Wall Street Journal was published today. Moyers had written a long letter himself to the WSJ on Feb. 26 attempting to defend his actions as a chief of staff under the cretin Lyndon Johnson in which Moyers and Johnson used the abominable FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover to spy on White House staff that may have engaged in homosexual behavior and other private matters. The WSJ had printed an earlier column correctly excoriating Moyers for his contemptible actions.

My letter to the editor:
Bill Moyers says that he and Lyndon Johnson decided to "follow up on a handful of [Hoover's] reports" concerning the private lives of administration staff. Let me put that a little more candidly. Mr. Moyers and President Johnson decided to save their behinds by unleashing a corrupt FBI chief on the civil rights of White House staff.

Mr. Moyers is blind to his own culpability and immorality in this matter, as we see in his final paragraph wherein he states that "no harm came to a single person." Indeed, just to the Constitution.