Saturday, April 04, 2009

We should have a president whom Europe loathes

Columnist Peggy Noonan wrote in a column today in the Wall Street Journal that she was glad that Europeans didn't protest Obama Dead Eyes and that ODE is now being clearer about what he thinks and wants. Here's my letter to the WSJ in response:
Peggy Noonan said it was a “welcome relief” that anti-capitalism riots in Europe during the G-20 conference were at least not “anti-American.”

Au contraire! Europe is predominantly socialistic and should rightly hate us, despise us – and we Americans should welcome this hatred as a sign of our own liberty-loving capitalism.
It is a disturbing and unfortunate sign of who our current American president is and what he stands for (collectivism, as Sen. Tom Coburn correctly labels it) that we are now largely adored across the socialistic world. The Oval Office occupant grins and winks secretively at his friends across the pond when he offers an alleged mea culpa for American industry’s role in the economic collapse.

He is not apologizing for bad deeds only; he also apologizes for capitalism, which is the only economic system that gives liberty to private commerce and not to politicians such as himself. What is more disturbing than a president who disdains free markets is an approval of him and his policies by 56% of Americans. He is, as Ms. Noonan almost suggested, the shady figure who speaks in parables and nuance when not in power and then removes the glossy cloak to reveal a spirit that loathes private enterprise – private anything!

This is a watershed year – and us lovers of liberty, unbridled wealth-making, meritorious ambition and private business-dealing must watch as many of our neighbors support a man who 100 years from now will hopefully be excoriated in the same breath as such ilk as FDR, Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter. Sacre bleu!


Daniel said...

You know, at some point, a liberal is going to stumble upon this site and read one of your title's.

It's too bad that, when this happens, the internet hasn't evolved enough for you to be able to capture their expression and sell it for money.

"I can fart with my mouth" even had me doing one of those "haven't heard that before" expressions!

David Elmore said...

I have often lamented the same fact, Daniel, that I may not luxuriate in the image of a spitting, mumbling, red-faced liberal who happens upon my shining prose. :) If I could not sell his image (though I think I could), I would at least have fresh paper for my dartboard.
I hope the "fart with my mouth" post and many others prove beyond a reasonable doubt that I have an ill-disguised trailer-trash/erudite (seeming) dichotomy! If I could get my 15 seconds of fame on national TV, I'd love to prove it!
Hope you're well!