Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"I can fart with my mouth"

Livy is suddenly into farting jokes and kidding around -- mainly because of a friend who is a neighbor of mine, and you know who you are, CHRIS!

So, this morning, after she got up, we were playing around and she farted twice while sitting in my lap and was trying with all her might to get more farts out, so I stopped up her butt by putting my hand down there and proclaiming, "OK, NOW you can't fart on me anymore!"


So, she shouted, "I can fart with my mouth!" And she proceeded to "fart" with her mouth until the end of the universe was, I'm quite sure, close at hand. My explanation of the fact that a person can't technically fart with her mouth held absolutely no water in her mind and was dismissed as if I'd said, "Chocolate tastes bad!" And so she "farted" so much with her mouth that I finally surrendered my grip upon her bottom and welcomed the real thing gladly.

Gawd, kids are fun!

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