Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hapless hippies and The Bohemian Crapsidy

Obama Dead Eyes is the hippie without the happy. His borderline-psychotic unemotional dourness contrasts with the frolicking long-hairs of the 1960s and '70s. They wanted government to get out; he wants government to get in.

Or ... is that true?

When you look at footage of the hippies of yore, their faces were indeed lifeless and their "dancing" was languid and addled. They looked like willow trees with open sores. They didn't just look mad when they were mad; they looked mean, high-handed, preachy, dishonest. (What better adjectives to describe our current Uterus-in-Chief?)

The hippies wanted government out of Vietnam, wombs, drug parlors and sex houses, but outside of those four sacred establishments, the hippies were all about Big Government. They wanted the government to give skin-colored people extra benefits and "rights"; they wanted government to give certain people health care, housing, food and more. They wanted government to get more involved in the day-to-day of business. They wanted taxes, taxes and more taxes -- and they wanted "privileged" Americans to pay for it at the point of the guns that the hippies so detested.

All of the above is the lie, of course, to the hippie protestation of hating government. Like many former citizens of Communist countries, the hippie cherishes government, as long as he has control over it and has it do his bidding. They love communism; they distrust freedom because they distrust people and have a skepticism for the human capacity for self-direction and honesty. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to do."

So, in stalks short-haired Dead Eyes with his long-haired, Bohemian credo, with subsidies for everyone under the sun except for those of us who truly work hard and deserve the fruits of our labor. In walks the toothpick communist with his hippie bona fides, aiming to put liberty on DefCon 5.

He is intellectually hapless, like his predecessors. They were monsters, but they didn't have the power. He has the power, and the crap this monster is shitting may bury liberty as we've known it in America -- unless we do something about it.

And, much to my surprise, a few U.S. states may be doing something about it under the 10th Amendment, which grants states rights not enumerated for the federal government in the Constitution. I'm giddy with anticipation. More on that news in another blog. To be continued ...

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