Thursday, April 02, 2009

The government should not know you exist

What's your number?

No, not your cell. Your "Social Security" (gotta love that euphemism) number.

Mine's 4-- -- ---9. Can't tell you cause you may not be nice, but the government has my number -- and it sure as hell ain't nice. In fact, it will jail me if I don't have it or never got it (not a luxury for parents anymore since hospitals are required to report your birth).

I mention the dreaded SS# (hereafter referred to as the CC# -- concentration camp number) because it is a symbol of where we have got to as a nation: living at Big Brother's behest and approval and notice instead of living for ourselves in gloriously blithe anonymity.

The psychological implications are manifest, turning most of us into cowering sheep instead of brazen individualists. You actually hear Americans say such abominations as "you should pay your taxes" (instead of "fuck you, government; I'll voluntarily give you money when you do what you're supposed to do and NOT do what you're not supposed to do") and "public service isn't so bad if it teaches kids respect for others" (instead of "public service is fascist and authoritarian, so go fuck yourself, and, by the way, just for thinking up such an atrocity, we will spill your blood, as liberty-loving Thomas Jefferson said all revolutionaries must").

How much longer will you and your American spirit allow such transgressions as Driver's License numbers, as License Plate numbers, as CC#s, as Tax ID numbers, as "public service" quotas, as property tax IDs, as seatbelt laws, as car insurance laws, as building permits, as schoolkid attendance, as business regulations, as environmental laws on your emissions, as drug laws, as drinking-while-driving laws, as Green Cards, as fishing or hunting licenses, as gun permits, as Passports, as carbon permits?

We should be able to go through our entire lives and not give one single thought as to what the government allegedly wants from us -- outside of the courts helping to resolve disputes with our fellow citizens. All of our energies should be focused on ourselves and what WE want from our lives. We are not numbers. We are minds, mindful of our own existence and hegemony. If this makes government's job more difficult when trying to find true criminals, so be it. That is one of the prices of liberty.

You should be able to drive down the road in the middle of a "school" day with your kids, without a license plate and with an end-of-workday beer in your hand and your seatbelt off -- and look over at the cop driving next to you and nod and smile in your happy-wappy co-existence.

In such a case, you might say to the cop, "Beautiful day, today, huh?" He might smile benevolently and say, "Sure is, have a nice day."

Instead, what you might want to say now is, "Go fuck yourself and the nanny/fascist government you rode in on, goddammit! Point your guns at the politicians and those who voted them into their immoral and intrusive power. Join us in overthrow!"

Viva la revolucion!

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