Saturday, April 25, 2009

In defense of my dearest Shakespeare

The Wall Street Journal today printed five blistering rebuttals to Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens' ponderous musings about the authorship of Shakespeare's sublime works.

I'm proud to say that my letter was among those five, and I'm even prouder to say that the other four were witty, exacting and ridiculing of Stevens to the extent that I was -- and in areas that I couldn't cover because of lack of space. They made our case rounded and withering, provoking any candid observer to wonder at the mental faculties of one of the most powerful men in America -- a man who, arguably, makes more decisions upon the state of liberty than anyone outside his eight peers.

Thank you, my beloved Shakespeare, for provoking such commentary 400 years hence. We, your devoted, will not let injustice trample afoot upon your sweet grave. We have cursed he who tried to move thy bones.

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