Thursday, April 09, 2009

Let's see if the GOP can walk the liberty walk

A column today by a GOP lawmaker in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was terrific at exposing the Obama Dead Eyes shenanigans, but the lawmaker and his GOP buddies have a history of the same shenanigans. Here's my letter in response to his column in the AJC:

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland’s column on the Obama charade was a dose of welcome sanity on the AJC opinion pages.

But here’ a little sanity for Mr. Westmoreland: For a decade, the GOP has simply been Democrats Lite. They have spent too much, sponsored too much porkulus, cow-towed to big business bailouts, paid farmers not to grow crops, not restricted runaway welfare, not pushed for restrictions on environmental regulations, not pushed for nuclear power, not opened up the oceans and forests to oil discovery, allowed even more land to become “national parks,” and insisted on some tariffs to allegedly protect American businesses from proper competition.

Until Mr. Westmoreland’s GOP hits the books and learns what our Founding Fathers wanted a federal government’s task to be (protecting individual rights and money), the GOP will simply be Democrats without fangs.

Let’s see if Mr. Westmoreland & Co. can walk the liberty walk and stop TALKING!

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