Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inspiring news on Objectivism

Here's a post below on by a longtime Objectivist named Bill Bucko, who used to write for my Objectivist magazine Reality way back in 1993. What's as interesting as the strong interest in Ayn Rand's ideas is the high interest again in the best Founding Fathers' ideas:

Here's an update of Amazon's CLASSICS list, from :

The top 8 on the list:
some bizarre something or other
Common Sense, The Rights of Man etc. by Thomas Paine
ATLAS SHRUGGED - Centennial edition
The Federalist Papers
Who Is Mark Twain?
ATLAS SHRUGGED - paperback
Fahrenheit 451

followed by
15. Cliff Notes to ATLAS SHRUGGED
48. THE FOUNTAINHEAD - Centennial edition
64. The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates
70. ATLAS SHRUGGED - audio book

As I pointed out in my report from the Troy Tea Party at;#entry91982 , I found interest in Ayn Rand among participants was very high.

(And here's a post by James Paul on the list)

Not directly related to book sales but this weekend I participated in a 13-hour mountain bike race. I was taking a break while my team-mate was out on the course and overheard someone at the next campsite mention Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged. I wandered over and joined their conversation. None of them had read the book but they had heard some of the basics. I had a copy of AS in my truck with a lot of post-it notes stuck in various pages. I flipped through the book and shared some of the more central points. I almost felt like a street preacher. I ended up giving away my copy of the book, notes and all, and noticed the rider reading it under a lantern later that night.

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