Friday, April 17, 2009

An intellectual Jihad, baby!

Sometimes someone says something that connects immediately and viscerally -- usually an insight or courage said so eloquently and concisely that your heart beats fast and your head nods.

Such was the case in reading the words of a recently deceased Objectivist who moved to America from India and has been donating to the Ayn Rand Institute since its inception in 1985. His name was Swapan Gupta. He died last year after a short but deadly illness, but his wife has set up a memorial scholarship fund at ARI in Mr. Gupta's name because she knew well his adamant defense of Objectivism and his love for his "beloved" Ayn Rand.

After the genocidal attack on America on 9/11, Mr. Gupta and his wife, Sumita, increased their donations to ARI, and Mr. Gupta wrote the following note to ARI:

"I have become fearless and totally intransigent in my views and in talking about Ayn Rand since the attacks unleashed on my chosen land. ... If it is a jihad that the barbarians want, they shall have it. I request that ARI continue the intellectual jihad on our behalf and in the name of our beloved and fearless hero Ayn Rand."

Indeed, dear Mr. Gupta, if it is a jihad that the barbarians want, THEN THEY SHALL HAVE IT!

It is said that a majority of Americans now live in some or a lot of fear of terrorists. May I suggest that they get a little jihad in their bones and turn that fear into vicious anger that would put the fear of Ayn in the Islamic filth?

Rest in peace, Mr. Gupta. Yours is no longer a world of jihad, but I thank you for the wonderful idea!

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