Monday, May 04, 2009

Uncle Sam wants YOUR kids screened for depression

OK, this has been a day of fascism alerts like few others on my blog. Here's the latest. A government medical panel has determined that 6% of teens are depressed, so the panel insists that ALL teens get a psyche analysis.

I want to scream "CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?" But, of course, that would be a rhetorical question. I also want to scream, "We are sliding into the fucking fascist abyss here!" but, well, OK ... WE ARE SLIDING INTO THE FUCKING FASCIST ABYSS HERE!

What's obvious here and in the other posts is that the government has taken upon itself the well-being of American citizens' children. The irony here is that many of the psycho kids are actually manufactured in the government indoctrination camps they refer to as "public schools." The cognitive dissonance created by telling children that they are important and then coercing children doesn't register with the fascists and never will. It's another example of how government develops another fascist "solution" for a previous fascist "solution."

The people who need the psyche analysis are those on the medical panel and politicians -- and those who voted them into office.

... after they get a good ass-kicking!

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