Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ha -- the French think running is too "individualist"

The Wall Street Journal ran a terrific column today on the joy of running and how it takes the stress out of life and how the French hate such "American-style" activity. You, my dear readers, KNOW where I stand (or run) on such things. So I jotted off a short letter to the editor at the WSJ on the matter.
Cameron Stracher’s column on running was a delight.

I was on the track team in middle school and have been running all of my 31 adult years. I have taken the stress out of two divorces, parenting, business losses and much more for all of those years by running in thunderstorms, snow and sunlit days along rivers, up mountains, through parks and around my neighborhood.

I can now find more satisfaction in my runs by knowing that the French turn up their noses as such “individualist” activity.

Ha! And I thought I couldn’t have any more fun!

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