Friday, May 15, 2009

The Dead Eyes doublespeak on executive pay

A current story in the Wall Street Journal explained how Obama Dead Eyes wants legislation putting vast restrictions on corporate pay and bonuses. I wrote a letter (below) to the WSJ on this latest fascism by the Uterus-in-Chief.
If the current administration is attempting to compete with George Orwell for the doublespeak prize, I dare not bet on the winner.

It’s latest duplicity involves its declaration of “nots” on executive pay. It is “not” about micro-management, and it is “not” about capping compensation.

These cynical prevarications are expected to be as blithely accepted as Orwellian euphemisms – and are executed with serious mien or casual smiles of comfort. We are to accept them as we were to accept cross-fingered vows that pro-union legislation for the last 70 years was not meant to hobble corporations or the tax-code congressional changes of the early ‘90s were also not supposed to cap executive pay.

If some lower-income Americans are currently smirking at this latent fascism, they will not be smiling when our top talent says “adios” to working in America – and learns to speak Chinese.

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