Thursday, May 28, 2009

AJC liberal need only a mirror to find traitor

The AJC's execrable Fascist in Residence (Cynthia Tucker) penned a piece of filth yesterday, blasting the GOP for being "treasonous" for rattling sabres about using the 10th Amendment to curb the fascist dictates of the current Dead Eyes administration. And, to add scum to filth, Tucker accused some in the GOP of "race-baiting" because Dead Eyes is black (well, officially, half-black cause "whiteness" is no longer a valid skin color in America). So I shot off the following letter to the editor to the AJC.
Cynthia Tucker’s amusing account of “treason” is half-correct. There has been treason committed by a major political party, but it has been the Democratic Party since the FDR administration – and the Obama cabal has simply turned treason into high treason.
The effete insurrection of Tucker’s Traitors began with FDR’s cynical “New Deal,” accelerated with LBJ’s glib “Great Society” and came to fascist fruition with Obama’s inane “hope and change.”

If we are to take treason as actions against the grand vision of American liberty that the Founding Fathers created 222 years ago (and the 10th Amendment they created to ensure a check on federal power-mongering), then the GOP is guilty – but to a far less degree than the execrable Democrats.

And don’t even get us liberty-lovers going on Tucker’s own hysterical “race-baiting” in her squalid attempt to silence her foes. Tucker understands that the best defense is a good offense – and she, indeed, is being offensive.

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