Sunday, May 03, 2009

Police raid traumatizes small family co-op in Ohio

Jack-booted thugs (aka police) raided a small family co-op in Ohio last year because the family was selling some of its organic food to neighbors and teaching neighbors how to grow the way they do. Here's the story.

It's a bone-chilling story about a night-time raid, shattered nerves, restless follow-up nights, and fascism. There'd never been any complaint against the farmers -- not that that would've vindicated any such action -- but there appears to be no other reason other than the government considered the food production and merchandising to be its province. To its great credit, The Buckeye Institute has filed suit against the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture and other agencies, stating that the raid was a violation of constitutional rights!

Those of us who are regularly scandalized by government imposition and theft of big business find in this little story the same brand of fascism, but many of the members of home-schooling groups I'm involved with are just now incredulous. Many of these incredulous home-schoolers proudly invoke Obama Dead Eyes' name and policies, and there is regular derision cast against big business, as well as accolades for regulation and bailouts. So I wrote the following post to one of those lists:
Most of you have probably seen the video and read about the police raid of the family co-op in Ohio. This was posted on the regular CHE group list.

The main point I want to make on this fascist police raid by government is that the reason the police raid was wrong was that humans have an inalienable right to their property and life. The principle of individual rights cannot EVER be violated, no matter if it is a little child operating a lemon stand or a giant oil corporation operating a $100 billion annual business or a family running a co-op.

If a person is going to get upset about what happened to the humble Stower family (rightly so), then the same person should apply the same principle to the property rights of other homeowners and other business operators.

So, if you’re the kind of person who thinks it’s OK to regulate big business or to bail out companies by stealing money from ordinary citizens, I hope this post and the righteous indignation that you justly feel for the Stowers will make you rethink the principle involved and then feel the same indignation about ANY violation of property rights.

It is all fascism. Size doesn’t matter.

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